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indoor sports center

Designed for Bahçeşehir Municipality, the Sports Center consists of a semi-olympic swimming pool and indoor sports hall, fitness-center, Turkish bath, sauna, cafe and shopping unit. The titles that were handled while designing the space; It has been a publicity, transparency and inviting design. The entrance to the building is through a street weave between the cafeteria, administration and store units.  pool structure  It is separated from the main mass in order to attract attention and be inviting in the street pattern.  has come to the fore  When you enter from the foyer, which is a spacious welcoming space that continues throughout the height of the building, all spaces come into view of the user. The building, which appears as discrete and clean masses, works with uninterrupted transportation by being designed like the veins of a body. In terms of its location in the city, an accessible, light, clean volume with visual and physical relations is designed within the density of green texture.



Swimming pool



January 2003

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